Not in OUR Backyard: Letter to Energy Secretary

Dear Secretary of State,

We are appalled to learn that two of your Ministers are objecting to energy infrastructure in their own constituency, when their roles demand promoting significant infrastructure development elsewhere.

Minister of State Graham Stuart is reported to be opposing a Geological Disposal Facility in his constituency, and we understand that Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Andrew Bowie’s role was changed in December, from Minister for Nuclear and Networks to Minister for Nuclear and Renewables, after raising concerns about new pylons. Such rank hypocrisy will damage any faith the public might have in Ministers’ consideration of where to locate damaging infrastructure.

In particular, how can Graham Stuart’s position as Minister for Energy Security and Net Zero be tenable when the government deems the establishment of a GDF essential as a means to deal with legacy waste and support its policy of up to 24GW of new nuclear? By attempting to write off South Holderness, Minister Stuart is effectively pointing the finger at West Cumbria and Lincolnshire to accept what he considers unacceptable.

It is unreasonable and unfair to impose damaging projects on communities that Ministers are not prepared to accept themselves. Our belief in the integrity of your Ministers and the benefits of engaging with them has been severely undermined.

Yours sincerely,

Alison Downes, Co Chair, DESNZ Nuclear NGO Forum
on behalf of NGO members of the Forum:
Low Level Radiation and Health Conference, Bradwell B Action Network, Stop Hinkley, Blackwater Against New Nuclear, Nuclear Awareness Group, Stop Sizewell C, People Against Wylfa B, Nuclear Information Service, Cumbria Trust, Together Against Sizewell C, Ayrshire Radiation Monitoring Group, Highlands Against Nuclear Transport, Nuclear Free Local Authorities, Friends of the Earth Nuclear Network, Low Level Radiation Campaign, MEDACT, Nuclear Education Trust, Parents Concerned About Hinkley, West Cumbria and North Lakes Friends of the Earth.