Respond to Secretary of State’s request for feedback by 23 May

The Secretary of State (Sos) has invited Interested Parties to send feedback on new information generated in the last few weeks, in response to a series of questions. The deadline is 23.59 on 23 May (see below for how to respond)

Watch our Zoom session of 13 May on this topic

Where is this new information?

It’s contained within documents on the Planning Inspectorate website. The main documents from EDF to consider are:

In each case there are a number of Annexes with more detail on specific questions, and they can all be found in the SZC DCO Index spreadsheet along with some responses to the above from various statutory consultees, plus the RSPB, TASC and others. On the coastal issues there is a paper from Nick Scarr and on the dates for storage of spent fuel referenced below.

What issues should we respond to?

Briefly, areas to consider in response to the request are EDF’s…..

  • Inadequate plans for providing mitigation in advance of starting work on the main site, leading to very heavy use of the B1122 from Yoxford through Middleton Moor and Theberton and the begrudgingly late and inappropriate selection of the Sizewell Link Road route over Route W (D2), favoured by Suffolk County Council and others
  • Over-reliance on the Coastal Processes Monitoring and Mitigation Plan to resolve what could be significant and long-term erosion following the cessation of operations at Sizewell B, including exposure of the Hard Coastal Defence at its southern extremity – see REP8-280.
  • Unrealistic 2140 end date for removal of all spent fuel and decommissioning completion when statutory authorities and EN-6 legislation point to dates closer to or beyond 2190
  • Significant site flood risk beyond 2140 according to the Applicant’s own assessments
  • No agreed potable water supply plan for the operational phase of the Sizewell C reactors
  • Unsupported biodiversity net gain claims and significant biodiversity damage post construction both at the construction site and shingle/dune foreshore (REP6-075)
  • Development of Sizewell Marsh Site of Special Scientific Interest with late and inadequate compensation plans that do not meet Environment Act 2021 requirements (REP6-075)

There are other questions about Habitat Regulations Assessments and other Environmental matters that we know RSPB/SWT and others have responded to. We have decided to leave that to specialist organisations to respond, but feel free to respond as you see fit.

View Stop Sizewell C’s joint response with Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council, Middleton cum Fordley Parish Council, the B1122 Action Group and Minsmere Levels Stakeholder Group (but see note below about the importance of individual responses).

How to respond

  • The most important thing is that responses are individualised. If the wording used is similar to other submissions there is a risk that it won’t be read. The list above reflects what Stop Sizewell C and allies have submitted, but if you have other areas you want to comment about, including Deadline 10 submissions by EDF or any other statutory consultee, don’t hesitate to do so.
  • Send your responses to the usual PINS e-mail address before 23:59 on 23rd May: We encourage people to send their response as close to the deadline as possible. Now that the planning decision has been delayed, while this is still desirable, it is no longer so critical.
  • Include your Interested Party number in your email if you have one (and can find it) but we want as many responses as possible so please respond even if you are not an Interested Party and encourage others to do the same.