Take Part in the Planning Process

The Sizewell C Planning Process is now underway. This page explains what will happen, when and how Interested Parties – and potentially others -can participate.

The Sizewell C application was submitted in May 2020 and amended in January 2021. All EDF’s proposal documents are published here https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/eastern/the-sizewell-c-project/?ipcsection=docs. We expect the original and revised proposals to be fully integrated.

For an overview of the project’s impacts read our summary briefing on EDF’s revised proposals.

The formal six month examination period began on 14 April 2021.  See below the outline timetable for information on next steps for Interested Parties – this is everyone who registered at the end of September 2020 by submitting a Relevant Representation. However the Examining Authority are using their discretion to accept contributions from non-Interested Parties, so if you have something to say, say it!

OUTLINE FUTURE TIMETABLE (see the Planning Inspectorate’s Rule 8 letter for the full timetable).

  • 2 June: deadline for the submission of Written Representations. This is when more detail on the issues of concern will be required. (See below).
  • July onwards: Issue-Specific Hearings take place, online or – if lockdown has been eased as proposed – at a local venue. We are currently waiting for details of which issues will be heard on which dates
  • 14 October: the Examinations must end after 6 months.
  • 14 January 2022: The Planning Inspectorate has 3 months to make a recommendation to the Business Secretary whether or not the project should receive planning consent.
  • 14 April 2022: Secretary of State decision.

Guidance for Deadline 2, Wednesday 2 June: (you can watch a zoom briefing at https://youtu.be/gdb79_awR9Y)

a) If you spoke at the Open Floor Hearings, you should:

  1. Submit a copy of your oral presentation. You can embellish this with anything you did not have time to say or wish you had said. For example we recommend including a comment about your surprise at EDF’s lack of engagement during the hearings.
  2. If you can, submit (separately) a Written Representation. This can build on your Open Floor Hearing presentation and your Relevant Representation.
        • We recommend making it a personal explanation of how the project would affect you, and the reasons for your concerns. Don’t worry about repetition.
        • Be as factual as possible and provide references/evidence wherever you can. 
        • Consider including photos of places you are talking about. The Examining Authority will probably make more site inspections in future so they may find this useful.
        • Respond to what EDF said about your issues at Deadline 1. Click the hyperlink above  and search for your issues (eg health, Minsmere, Sizewell Link Road etc)
        • You might want to think about joining with other people (friends/neighbours) to submit something jointly
        • Endorse the written reps of Stop Sizewell C, TASC, RSPB/SWT, Suffolk Coastal FoE and others
        • If your document is long – more than 1,500 words – you will need to write a short executive summary. 
        • Submit using the “Make a Submission” tab on the PINS website. You can do it at the same time as sending your oral presentation, or at a different time, but take care to identify the type of submission accurately. As above choose Deadline 2 and under type of submission, select the second option, “Written Representations”. If your Written Representation is so long that you need to provide a summary, this should be attached to the submission form selecting the third option “Summaries of all WRs exceeding 1500 words”. If you have any problems, send to sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk.
        • Send a copy to your MP,  Suffolk County Council and District Council. In east Suffolk contacts are:

b) If you did not speak at the Open Floor Hearings, we encourage you to submit a Written Representation by following step 2 above, building on your Relevant Representation.

c) If you are not an Interested Party and did not speak at the Open Floor Hearings, we encourage you to submit a Written Representation by following step 2 above, and writing something as personal as possible about how Sizewell C will impact you. You can find more information about EDF’s proposals in our our updated summary briefing on EDF’s revised proposals. You may still submit via the PINS website, but if any problems email  sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk.

d) Responding to Written Questions: this does not apply to everyone. The Examining Authority has issued a few written questions to a small number of individuals, Parishes, local businesses and organisations (plus a lot to EDF!). We have notified most people but encourage Interested Parties to check by searching for your name or business in this introductory document. If you are unclear what is required by way of responding, we recommend you contact PINS as soon as possible.

Note that parallel to the DCO process, EDF has also applied to the Environment Agency (EA) for 3 Operating permits for Sizewell C.  The EA will be running consultations during the coming year or so and it is unlikely that permits will be granted (or refused) until June 2022.  Details of EDF’s permit applications are here: https://environment-agency.uk.com/3O4M-13KK8-4YC1UE-PTI50-1/c.aspx (our guidance on responding to the EA’s first consultations – which is now closed – can be found here.

WATCH: Stop Sizewell C’s statement at the Open Floor Hearing on 21 May 2021 (from 9 minutes) or read the statement here: Stop Sizewell C Open Floor Hearings 21 May 2021

WATCH: Short video by PINS on the Planning Process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)

For more videos and a written description of the NSIP process see: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/application-process/the-process/