Take Part in the Planning Process

The Sizewell C Planning Process is now underway. This page explains what will happen, when and how you can participate.

The Sizewell C application was submitted in May 2020 and amended in January 2021. All EDF’s proposal documents are published here https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/eastern/the-sizewell-c-project/?ipcsection=docs.

The formal six month examination period began on 14 April 2021.  See below the timetable for information on next steps.

  • If you are an Interested Party; i.e. you registered in September 2020 by submitting a Relevant Representation, you have the right to take part in the process.
  • Everyone else theoretically does not BUT the Examining Authority are accepting contributions from others so we urge everyone to write to the Planning Inspectorate at any time sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk to register your objection to the project.

For an overview of the project’s impacts read our summary briefing on EDF’s (updated) proposals. NB some new, less significant, changes are being consulted on 11 June – 12 July. See below for more information

OUTLINE FUTURE TIMETABLE (see the Planning Inspectorate’s Rule 8 letter for the full timetable).

  • 6 – 9 and 13 – 16 July: Issue-Specific Hearings take place online.
  • midday 12 July EDF consultations close (see bottom of page)
  • 23 July, Deadline 5 (for sending copies of what was said in Issue Specific Hearings)
  • 6 August, Deadline 6 (for comments on EDF’s revised DCO)
  • 17 – 20 August: Compulsory Purchase Hearings
  • 24 – 27 August: Dates reserved for more Hearings (Issue Specific, Open Floor Hearings, Compulsory Acquisition) or site inspections
  • 13 – 17 September: Dates reserved for more Hearings or site inspections
  • 14 October: the Examinations must end after 6 months.
  • 14 January 2022: The Planning Inspectorate has 3 months to make a recommendation to the Business Secretary whether or not the project should receive planning consent.
  • 14 April 2022: Secretary of State decision.

**Deadline 5, Friday 23 July** This deadline is for:

Anything you choose to submit can be sent to  sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk. We recommend you send a copy to your MP,  Suffolk County Council and District Council. In east Suffolk contacts are:

**Guidance for responding to EDF’s consultations (deadline middlay 12 July)**. EDF say changing their proposals is normal and we must bear in mind that Scottish Power Renewables have just had revised proposals accepted for examination at Deadline 11! There are definitely more changes to come as EDF is proposing to alter the SSSI crossing again (expected Deadline 5). 

EDF’s revised proposals can be found online here and include:

  • Vehicular Bridge over Pretty Road, first proposed 2.5 years ago
  • Crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at Friday Street roundabout
  • Changes to flood relief culverts through River Alde overbridge embankment to help otters
  • Changing a proposed upgrade of a footpath to a bridleway near the 2 Villages Bypass back to a footpath
  • Realignment of Bridleway 19 near Aldehurst Farm
  • Drainage near East Suffolk railway
  • Works to address “departures” from HGV standards on the B1122/link road and improve tie ins between local roads and the Link Road. eg Hawthorn Road, Middleton Moor’s proposed roundabout, Moat Road etc
  • EDF plans to submit revised proposals to PINS by 23 July

It is tempting to tell EDF we propose to deal with these changes through PINS but it’s been suggested that not engaging isn’t ideal. Obviously some people will have very strong views about things close to them, eg Theberton residents, but it is worth pointing out that EDF has had 8 years of consultation, some of these things were suggested 2.5 years ago, so could have been included in the DCO, thus saving us the hassle at the moment. We can also complain to PINS that the process is clearly not front-loaded

All responses should be sent to EDF – info@sizewellc.co.uk with copy to PINS sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk and local elected representatives, see contacts above. 

On the Sizewell C website there is also a link to a form (which we don’t recommend), and an address if you want to respond by post.

Note that parallel to the DCO process, EDF has also applied to the Environment Agency (EA) for 3 Operating permits for Sizewell C.  The EA will be running consultations during the coming year or so and it is unlikely that permits will be granted (or refused) until June 2022.  Details of EDF’s permit applications are here: https://environment-agency.uk.com/3O4M-13KK8-4YC1UE-PTI50-1/c.aspx (our guidance on responding to the EA’s first consultations – which is now closed – can be found here.

WATCH: Stop Sizewell C’s statement at the Open Floor Hearing on 21 May 2021 (from 9 minutes) or read the statement here: Stop Sizewell C Open Floor Hearings 21 May 2021

WATCH: Short video by PINS on the Planning Process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)

For more videos and a written description of the NSIP process see: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/application-process/the-process/