TEAGS (an unregistered society) became a legal entity, TEAGS Ltd, in November 2019.  Company Number 12330489. Our Articles state that we are not-for-profit: an Asset Lock ensures that if, for any reason, the company is wound up, remaining funds would be distributed to RSPB Minsmere, the Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Suffolk Preservation Society. 

On 24 February 2020, the Directors and Steering Group of TEAGS Ltd resolved to Stop Sizewell C and adopt this as our public campaign name. Our Articles of Association were amended to reflect this decision 

Our new Aims and Objectives:

“The Company’s objective is to Stop Sizewell C and all efforts will be made to achieve this.

We also recognise the need to seek to minimise the impacts on the Parishes of Theberton and Eastbridge should the project go ahead, and will additionally:
a)  Oppose the location of a single construction workers’ accommodation campus and borrow pits close to Eastbridge.

b)  Oppose the Sizewell Link Road when less impactful alternatives exist.

c) Oppose any proposals that damage the local environment or have potential long-lasting safety implications.

d) Question the impacts to the social and economic wellbeing of the local area and claimed benefits of the project.” 

[To view our previous Articles for the period November 2019 to February 2020 see TEAGS Ltd Articles of Association]