Why Stop Sizewell C?

Stop Sizewell C is a campaign group on the frontline* of Sizewell C driven to oppose the project after 8 years of EDF’s failed engagement and the destructive nature of its proposals.

View or print our current leaflet, including what you can do here: Stop Sizewell C Leaflet March 2020

Our case against Sizewell C can be summarised as:

  • It is the Wrong Project in the Wrong Place: Sizewell C is too big for the site and surrounded by internationally-protected habitats, including nationally famous Minsmere reserve. The RSPB considers “Sizewell is not a suitable location for a new nuclear power station”. The Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will be cut in two. Flooding and sea-level rises are a major concern and spent fuel would sit on an eroding coastline for at least 115 years.
  • The project will bring major disruption and traffic congestion (>1,000 HGVs/day at peak) and disruption to an area with very little pre-existing transport infrastructure: this, with noise, light pollution, beach and footpath closures, will drive visitors away and damage the Heritage Coast’s valued tourism industry. At least 8 other energy projects are proposed for east Suffolk, with construction overlapping Sizewell C.
  • Limited economic benefit: EDF is double-counting the claimed economic benefits of Sizewell C as it plans to bring the Hinkley supply chain and thousands of workers to Suffolk. Low unemployment and low skills (despite Sizewell B) in the area mean locals will fill lower-skilled jobs and businesses in the area will lose staff. There are reports EDF has underestimated the workers it needs to finish Hinkley C.
  • It is not needed: Every pound invested in Sizewell C is a pound that could have been spent on cheaper, faster renewable energy sources, efficiency measures and technological progress. Sizewell C will be too slow and expensive to urgently and efficiently meet decarbonisation targets.  Nuclear is not a good fit with renewables, unable to be turned on or off easily.
  • EDF’s poor record delivering other EPRs means the company will be unable to accurately predict cost and time Sizewell C would take to build. EDF claims it can save 20% of the cost of Hinkley C, yet Hinkley’s costs have risen considerably to up to £22.5 billion, from £16 billion in 2013.
  • Sizewell C will not help the UK government’s stated objective of “levelling up” the country, and EDF’s proposed funding model – the “nuclear tax” (RAB)- will undermine the Conservative’s pledge not to increase domestic energy bills. 
  • EDF is replacing EPR with a simpler EPR2 and France is reconsidering its nuclear programme to concentrate on the Grand Carenage and renewables. CGN, EDF’s partner, is blacklisted by the US.
  • EDF’s public consultations have been noted for what Dan Poulter MP called a “disdainful” lack of detail.

View or download a two-page pdf of The Case Against Sizewell C here

*Stop Sizewell C is the campaign name of Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell Ltd. The parish of Theberton and Eastbridge would be the most impacted by EDF’s Sizewell C plans


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