EDF’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on this unique and magical place. Stop Sizewell C! It is the wrong project in the wrong place, and there are better alternatives in the fight against Climate Change. EDF aims to apply for planning consent very soon.

Take Action: See What You Can Do for how to help.

For more information on our case against Sizewell C see Why Stop Sizewell C? Visit our News Section for the latest updates and media coverage, check out our social media feeds below, and to find out more about who we are, visit About Us | Join Us.

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Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS
Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS2 hours ago
"A surge in renewable energy output in the Nordic region has sent power prices below the level where some nuclear plants are profitable....."
Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS
Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS10 hours ago
Help! If you are a Suffolk resident, please write to your County Councillor and your District Councillor and request they tell their Council's leadership to hold firm, and tell EDF it should not submit its Sizewell C application during coronavirus restrictions. You can give your own reasons, or find some in the letter that Parish and Town Councils sent to EDF last week (see https://stopsizewellc.org/core/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/53TownParishCouncilsEDF31March.pdf)

Please copy your message to sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

You can find your Councillors here:
Suffolk County: https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/councillors-and-elected-representatives/find-your-councillor/
East Suffolk: https://eastsuffolk.cmis.uk.com/eastsuffolk/councillors.aspx
Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS
Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS10 hours ago
Wow, thank you. Please share and help us to keep growing our community.
Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS
Stop Sizewell C - formerly TEAGS1 day ago
For local people am sure yesterday would not be too soon

"EDF suspended buses moving workers from Bridgewater to the site on Monday, and a spokesperson for the energy group said other bus services would also be stopped this week."

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10 hours ago
Help! If you are a Suffolk resident pls write to your @EastSuffolk and @suffolkcc Councillors: ask them to urge their leadership to tell #EDF it's not appropriate to submit its @sizewellc application during coronavirus restrictions. Details here https://t.co/OQY99djjyL
2 days ago
Word of the Day: "glisk"––sunlight glimpsed through a break in the clouds; a fleeting glance at a glittering sight; a brief glow of warmth from a fire that's burned low; a sudden flash of hope in the heart. (Scots)
Photograph by Michael Held https://t.co/0w6Jl7YFCz
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4 days ago
Children should be educated not indoctrinated. TASC find Mayhew's comments inappropriate Surely a school's head should present a balanced view If you agree plse email mary.evans @suffolk.gov.uk & matthew.hicks @suffolk.gov.uk your opinions
5 days ago
France replaces nuclear with renewables : 12 projects totalling just under 100MW of combined capacity commissioned to replace a decommissioned nuclear power plant.
1 week ago
"We appeal to senior EDF personnel to listen hard to what (53) parish and town councils – many of whom are statutory consultees – are saying, and to defer their application until all coronavirus restrictions are lifted" https://t.co/P1ZrCEGvoU

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