Stop Sizewell C! Wrong Project, Wrong Time, Wrong Place.

EDF’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on this unique and magical place.  There are better alternatives than Sizewell C in the fight against Climate Change.

EDF applied for a Development Consent Order (DCO) on 27 May 2020. The process will take around 18 months, with a decision expected near the end of 2021.

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Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C2 days ago
"Achieving net zero emissions by 2050 will create as many as 80,000 jobs and help to achieve Boris Johnson’s national renewal mission, a report published today says. Investment in green infrastructure and technologies will prevent long-term scarring of the labour market in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, the report by the London School of Economics adds. It calls on the prime minister to make good on his “levelling-up” promise this summer to “build back better, build back greener, build back faster” after GDP collapsed by a record 19.8 per cent as a result of a national lockdown. The report highlights six labour-intensive areas where government investment would create the maximum number of jobs while also helping to achieve the UK’s commitment of carbon neutrality, including renewable energy infrastructure, electric vehicle production and home energy efficiency retrofits. The UK was the world’s first major economy to enshrine in law a commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050."

The report can be read online here - no mention of nuclear:
The authors advocate investment in
• Energy efficiency in buildings;
• Natural capital projects;
• Active travel equipment and infrastructure, such as bicycles and cycle lanes;
• Renewable power generation and distribution;
• Electric vehicle production and charging infrastructure; and
• Carbon capture, utilisation and storage and hydrogen production3
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C4 days ago
Just to be clear; we are not objecting to EDF changing its plans, but the way it has done it is incredibly frustrating.
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C4 days ago
We just shared the message by below with supporters by email:

EDF now proposing changes to its application
This morning the East Anglian Daily Times published a story about EDF wanting to change its Sizewell C proposals, and plans to hold a new 30-day consultation. This has generated much confusion and outrage - but having spoken to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) we have a little more information about what this means.

PINS has not yet published the new proposals* (14 apparently, including transport strategy, compensatory fen habitats, use of AONB land and design of the Beach Landing Facility) and will only do so when they are confident they have the contact details of everyone that has registered as an interested party sorted, so that everyone is informed at the same time. EDF should also publish them.

It looks like a 30 day consultation could be held from 16 November until 15 December during which we would be expected to send feedback to EDF. EDF would finalise its changes and formally submit them to the Examining Authority, which would then decide whether to accept these revised proposals for examination. Whether new Relevant Representations would have to be made, or whether the Examining Authority would decide the examination timetable based on the ones already sent, is not totally clear to us. The examination would almost certainly be delayed.

We are appalled by EDF's cavalier treatment of people. Since it is not credible that EDF has only just come up with these changes since 30 September (when Councils and MPs expressed such strong concerns), EDF should have told us before 30 September that changes were coming, paused the process in order to conduct their consultations, and then restarted it, so that everyone could make their Relevant Representations based on up to date information. It's also utterly ridiculous that EDF appears to have only just - after 8 years - grasped the fact that the people of Suffolk really don't want 1,000 HGVs on the roads!

Take Action! Please write to EDF to express your frustration that they did not alert us some weeks ago of this and pause the process, especially as we are dealing with a pandemic and the Scottish Power/Friston examination. Call for the process to be restarted or at least halted until this mess is sorted out. Email EDF on and be sure to copy PINS at Please also copy your MP -
County Councillor -
and District Councillors -
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C5 days ago
Another consultation as EDF makes lots of changes to its plans. Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson says “we take the feedback from the councils, MP and local people very seriously”. To the rest of us it looks like they just realised - after 8 years of ignoring everyone - that they actually have a problem. What will this mean for the planning process? How will the Examining Authority deal with the Relevant Representations which are based on information that will now change? When will
EDF stop messing us all around?

StopSizewellC on Twitter

3 days ago
You can’t beat that crisp Autumn morning feel…
📷 Justin Minns
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3 days ago
Electricity generation grid based on solar and wind is the logical alternative, and whoever does not do so will be relegated to less efficient and, above all, dirtier energy sources.
4 days ago
@StopSizewellC said it could not believe @edfenergy had only just realised after years of consultation that #Suffolk people didn’t want a road-led transport strategy for delivery of construction materials that would put 1,000 HGVs on the roads #A12
4 days ago
@sizewellc messing us around v badly. Why did you not pause planning process if changes coming, before we all worked to submit Relevant Reps by 30 Sept? @edfenergy's new proposals cannot be the work of a fortnight. Cavalier behaviour - many unhappy people
4 days ago
Damning SizewellC submission by @NaturalEngland "matters are important enough to mean that if they are not satisfactorily addressed it would not be lawful to permit the project due to its impacts on SAC, SPA, Ramsar and SSSI interests or protected species"

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