Stop Sizewell C! Wrong Project, Wrong Time, Wrong Place.

EDF’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on this unique and magical place and is too slow and expensive compared to alternatives in the fight against Climate Change.

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How can we stop Sizewell C?

  • Money! If no one will invest, it cannot go ahead. You can help by writing to pension funds or other potential investors.
  • Politics. If Sizewell C, or the tax needed to finance it, is unpopular, Ministers will listen. Sign our Petition with Together Against Sizewell C at or write to The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP: Secretary of State.
  • Planning. If enough holes are found in EDF’s plans and the impacts outweigh the benefits, it could be refused consent. The planning process decision is expected mid April 2022.  See Take Part in the Planning Process for more information.
  • Visit Why Stop Sizewell C? to find our multiple reasons for campaigning against this damaging project. There are more campaigning ideas on our Take Action page.

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Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C23 hours ago
The inaugural edition of East Anglia Bylines contains this, by Greg Walsh - and many more articles by citizen journalists. Great start everyone!
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 day ago
We will give a free car sticker to the first person who finds the hilarious typo in this piece (apologies if it is behind a paywall)
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 day ago
At the end of this piece is basically an admission that EDF don't know why the fuel-rods at Taishan lost their sealings. Until we know for sure it is not related to the design of the EPR or the high burn up fuel it uses, should we seriously be building any more? #StopSizewellC,

"French nuclear operator EDF said it would have shut down a reactor in southern China being investigated for a potential fuel rod issue if the facility were in France but that the decision to continue operating the joint venture was beyond its control.

The Taishan nuclear power plant, which is majority controlled and operated by China General Nuclear Power Corp, with EDF holding a 30 per cent stake, held an extraordinary board meeting on Thursday to review the latest data following reports of problems last month.

“On the basis of the analyses carried out, EDF’s operating procedures for the French nuclear fleet would lead EDF, in France, to shut down the reactor in order to accurately assess the situation in progress and stop its development,” EDF said in a statement following the meeting

“In Taishan, the corresponding decisions belong to TNPJVC [Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co].”

EDF said last month that a build-up of noble, or inert, gases in Taishan seemed to have occurred because of issues with the casing around some fuel rods, the first of three containment barriers at the reactor.

The company said it had been allowed to analyse data related to the “detection of unsealed assembly rods in reactor No 1 of the Taishan power plant”.

EDF said the data made available by CGN suggested the “radiochemical parameters” were still below regulatory thresholds in China, which it said were “consistent with international practices”. However, it added that the situation is “evolving”.

The French company has sought to play down the problem after a CNN report in June suggested the risk of a radiation leak. The company has said a leak outside the facility is not a danger and the build-up of noble gases had been contained.

A spokesperson for EDF told the FT on Thursday that the primary concern was to begin maintenance to resolve the issue.

“We want to prevent the fuel rods from deteriorating further, carry out investigations to figure out why the fuel rods lost their sealings, and we want the necessary maintenance to be as simple as possible,” the spokesperson said.
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C2 days ago
The #StopSizewellC flag is flying at #latitudefestival! Thank you Festival Republic and Latitude Festival for having us

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23 hours ago
East Anglia Bylines has launched todayI 🥳🥂🎉

Issue 1 is full or news that's local and national, with varied and interesting articles. 📰

More will be added to our website daily.

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23 hours ago
The inaugural edition of @BylinesEast contains this - by Greg Walsh - and many more articles by citizen journalists. Great start everyone! #StopSizewellC
1 day ago
@teacherhead Please pop in and visit the @StopSizewellC stand to find out about how this beautiful part of the world is at risk. They are in the arrangements opposite welcome bar and next to phone charging booth.
1 day ago
#Taishan #EPR operating just 3 years & @edfenergy admit they don't know why: “We want to prevent the fuel rods from deteriorating further, carry out investigations to figure out why the rods lost their sealings” Design? High burn up fuel? #StopSizewellC
3 days ago
#Latitude we are ready for you! Find us in the Arena, up the hill opposite the Welcome Bar and next to the phone charging stand. #StopSizewellC #NotTooLate #LatitudeFestival StopSizewellC photo