Stop Sizewell C! Wrong Project, Wrong Time, Wrong Place.

EDF’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on this unique and magical place and is too slow and expensive compared to alternatives in the fight against Climate Change.

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**Update on EDF’s application for Development Consent** EDF applied for a Development Consent Order (DCO) on 27 May 2020. The process will take almost two years, with no decision expected before mid April 2022.  Visit Take Part in the Planning Process for more information on the process overall.

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Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 week ago
Starting in just over 1 hour. This is your chance to have your say...
Join us at 6 - click for details
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 week ago
Call us semantic but there is a difference, there really is. And Ms Trevelyan has form....

Energy minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan: “we are absolutely committed to having at least one more large-scale nuclear plant.”

Government Policy: "we will aim to bring at least one further
large-scale nuclear project to the point of Final Investment Decision (FID) by the end of this Parliament, subject to clear value for money and all relevant approvals."
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C2 weeks ago
It's Polling Day on Thursday, and it's hard to find a candidate close to the Sizewell C site that supports the project!

If you are wondering how to vote, this is what we know:
- The official position of the Liberal Democrats and Greens in Suffolk is to oppose Sizewell C.
- The official Conservative position is (extract) "Unless all of our concerns are resolved, and the benefits of Sizewell C to Suffolk very clearly outweigh the disbenefits, we will be unable to give our support to the project" BUT some Conservative candidates also oppose Sizewell C.
- There is no official Suffolk Labour position, but some Labour candidates also oppose Sizewell C.

In recent weeks we've been asking candidates for their views, and while we've not (sadly) had loads of replies, you can find what we have here: (2nd sheet is Conservatives)
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C2 weeks ago
China has quietly spent £134bn hoovering up UK assets, from nuclear power to private schools and pizza chains. Research reveals that almost 200 British companies are either controlled by Chinese investors or count them as minority shareholders. The value of Chinese investments totals £134 billion. Some of the biggest sums have been spent in the energy sector, notably nuclear power. Chinese state-owned China General Nuclear (CGN) bought a 33.5 per cent stake in Hinkley Point C power station in Somerset, the first new nuclear facility to be built in the UK in more than 20 years. The main investor is France’s EDF. CGN, which has been blacklisted in America for allegedly helping to acquire US tech for military use in China, has also joined with EDF on the proposed nuclear plant at Sizewell C in Suffolk. CGN will take a 20 per cent stake during the plant’s development. Plans for a third plant, at Bradwell in Essex, have China hawks up in arms, because CGN intends to take a majority 66.5 per cent stake during development and will use its own reactor technology.

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2 hours ago
The @NFLAUKandI Secretary took part in the BEIS NGO Forum this morning. This brings together anti-nuclear groups for robust discussion with UK Government. There was plenty of that today! @SayNo2SizewellC @BlackwaterBANNG @StopSizewellC @stophinkley @GreenpeaceUK @PAWBpawb StopSizewellC photo
6 hours ago
Breaking! Prudential says “Sizewell C is highly unlikely to be the sort of project we would directly invest in” #StopSizewellC #NoNuclearTax
1 day ago
“I am now completely convinced #SizewellC will be bad for Suffolk. It will destroy many more jobs than it creates. I haven’t spoken to any employers who live here who think it is good idea for the area... which is why opposition is growing”
2 days ago
With hospitality re-opening @AndyatAdnams tells us what #SizewellC would mean for #Suffolk's economy, including the pillar economy of tourism. #StopSizewellC
3 days ago
@mzjacobson's analysis: "New nuclear power costs about 5 times more than onshore wind power per kWh. Nuclear takes 5 to 17 years longer between planning and operation and produces on average 23 times the emissions per unit electricity generated"