Stop Sizewell C! Wrong Project, Wrong Time, Wrong Place.

EDF’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on this unique and magical place.  There are better alternatives than Sizewell C in the fight against Climate Change and to avoid damaging protected habitats.

Help Us! Sign the petition protesting at the Prime Minister’s expressed support for large-scale nuclear projects on the Parliament website:

Visit Take Action for more campaigning ideas, and Why Stop Sizewell C? for more about our reasons for campaigning against it. Visit our News Section for the latest updates and media coverage, check out our social media feeds below. To join us and find out more about who we are, visit Join | About Us.

**Update on EDF’s application for Development Consent** EDF applied for a Development Consent Order (DCO) on 27 May 2020. The process will take many month, with no decision expected before early 2022. EDF has now decided to change its proposals and is holding new consultations from 18 November to 18 December 2020. On Monday 7 December @ 6pm. Stop Sizewell C will hold an online briefing for concerned individuals about these new proposals and give guidance on how to respond. Register to take part here. Visit Take Part in the Planning Process for more information on the process overall.

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Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C4 hours ago
"In Belgium the Electrabel company – the Belgian subsidiary of French utility Engie – has cancelled any further planned investment in its seven-strong nuclear reactor fleet because of the government’s intention to phase out nuclear power by 2025.

Plans will only be re-instated if a Belgian government review fails to find enough alternative electricity supply to replace the reactors’ output. The seven Belgian reactors currently produce half the country’s electricity supply.

These reversals come seven years after British governments promised a nuclear renaissance by encouraging French, Japanese, American and finally Chinese companies to build ten nuclear power stations in the UK. Only one station has been begun, a £22 billion (US$29 bn) joint venture between EDF and Chinese backers.

.. Paul Dorfman said: “Given the parlous finances of EDF, who are already struggling with their own reactor up-grade bills in France, it is entirely likely that UK nuclear generation will be reduced to just Sizewell B, with electricity generation relying almost entirely on renewables by the time Hinkley C comes online, very late and over-cost as usual.”
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C4 hours ago
The chief executive of the UK arm of the Bank of China has called for a “new chapter” in the relationship between the two nations after a year of increasing political tension. Relations between the UK and China have soured this year, with both the domestic and overseas activities of the world’s second largest economy under deeper scrutiny. In July, Boris Johnson took the decision to ban telecoms giant Huawei from playing any role in the development of the UK’s 5G infrastructure over security concerns. MPs have also turned their attention to state-owned China General Nuclear’s role in building the UK’s new fleet of nuclear plants, with particular concerns about plans to build
Chinese-designed reactor at Bradwell B in Essex. The two have also clashed over the imposition of a draconian new security law in Hong Kong, as well as the China’s persecution of its Muslim Uighur minority in Xinjiang. He warned that by “turning your back on CGN for example you close the door to leading edge technology in this area, funding and make it harder to bring emissions down”.
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C5 hours ago
Still no green light for Sizewell C in the National Infrastructure Strategy, despite a repeat of similar rhetoric to Boris Johnson's 10 Point Plan, and clear conditions on large scale nuclear providing value for money, and being on time and on budget, all of which should, frankly, make Rishi Sunak run for the hills. So we - and EDF - wait for the White Paper....

"Nuclear power has long played an important role in UK power generation and will continue to do so provided it can be delivered to time and budget. Hinkley Point C will be the UK’s first new nuclear plant in a generation, and has continued construction throughout the pandemic by adapting to new working environments. Nuclear is a proven, value-for-money source of reliable low carbon power which can complement renewables. The government is pursuing large-scale nuclear projects, subject to clear value for money for both consumers and taxpayers and all relevant approvals, with further details to follow in the Energy White Paper.
.....Last year, the government consulted on a nuclear Regulated Asset Base (RAB). The government is considering the responses to this consultation and expects to publish a response in due course. Alongside considering the RAB model the government will also continue to consider the potential role of government finance during construction, provided there is clear value for money for consumers and taxpayers."

StopSizewellC on Twitter

5 hours ago
Still no green light for #SizewellC in the #NationaInfrastructureStrategy tho similar rhetoric to @BorisJohnson's #10PointPlan BUT explicit conditions on value for money and being on time & budget, all of which SHOULD make @rishisunak run for the hills
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22 hours ago
If you want to know what @NFLAUKandI does then please read our latest report on the key actions from our 40th anniversary NFLA Steering Committee meeting - @KIMOint @Mayors4Peace @CNDuk @dorfman_p @BlackwaterBANNG @SayNo2SizewellC @StopSizewellC
22 hours ago
What a stunningly beautiful, unspoilt place this is, at any time of day, and in any season. Meanwhile, the PR onslaught in favour of Sizewell C continues. Once these magical places are gone, they are gone forever. Say NO to Sizewell C.

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