Stop Sizewell C! Wrong Project, Wrong Time, Wrong Place.

EDF’s plans to build two new nuclear reactors at Sizewell in east Suffolk will have a devastating impact on this unique and magical place and is too slow and expensive compared to alternatives in the fight against Climate Change. Sizewell C was granted planning consent on 20 July, against the recommendation of the Planning Inspectorate. A Final Investment Decision is not expected until mid-late 2023.

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How can we stop Sizewell C?

  • Money! If no one will invest, it cannot go ahead. You can help by writing to pension funds or other potential investors. We also need to discourage the government from investing, Write to the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt and tell him there are more urgent and better value for money uses of the £2bn the government might put into Sizewell C:, Attn The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP. Salutation Dear Chancellor
  • Politics. If Sizewell C, or the tax needed to finance it, is unpopular, Ministers will listen. Sign our Petition with Together Against Sizewell C at or write to The Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP: Secretary of State.
  • Planning. We are supporting an application for a Judicial Review filed by Together Against Sizewell C on 31 August 2022, against the planning decision.  
  • Visit Why Stop Sizewell C? to find our multiple reasons for campaigning against this damaging project. There are more campaigning ideas on our Take Action page.

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Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 month ago
And so it begins again. Let's hope @RishiSunak and @Jeremy_Hunt agree that an easy way to help fill the hole in the public purse is by clawing back the £700m reckless @BorisJohnson threw at risky #SizewellC. #StopSizewellC
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 month ago
"Barbara Pompili, Macron’s minister in charge of the energy transition for two years, says nuclear power is almost like a religion in France.

However, she adds that a widespread belief in its “magic” has caused underinvestment in renewables that will be needed for the future.

“What I'm worried about is the strategic thinking in the long run,” she says.

“Maybe we were too confident on nuclear power and we underestimated the importance of renewables. The reason is that too many people considered that investing in renewables was bad for nuclear power.

“It’s totally crazy. We lost so much time thinking in this way… it's very difficult to have a serious rational debate in France on the energy issue.”
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 month ago
"What's clear is that there is little time to waste given the urgency of the climate and energy crises. Ordinary Europeans can't afford to wait decades for green hydrogen to mature, for new nuclear plants to begin operating, or for small modular reactors to become viable.

And tough choices need to be made because of limited financial resources. Uncertainty around the phasing out of nuclear in Switzerland is limiting investment in renewables there, according to Mr Lüscher.

Meanwhile, "new-build nuclear power plants in Europe are the most expensive way to create electricity", he says.

It is hugely expensive to build and decommission a nuclear plant. Then there is the cost of managing the nuclear waste.

One transitional step is to limit energy use, and France plans to reduce this by 10% over two years.

In a speech on 6 October, Élisabeth Borne, the French Prime Minister, urged a broader transformation.

"The reduction in energy consumption must be part of the long term… it is not a matter of principle or ideology. It is about the ecological transition. Our sovereignty is at stake. It is about our purchasing power," she said.
Stop Sizewell C
Stop Sizewell C1 month ago
What price #SizewellC?
"The UK is uninvestable right now," according to the head of the UK subsidiary of an international company.

Another boss told me: "We need to see what incentives to invest there will be in the government's new plan and where the OBR ends up," a reference to the independent analysis of the Office for Budget Responsibility watchdog that usually accompanies big economic policy decisions and which was so glaringly absent from the recent mini-budget.

The other bad news is that there is little confidence that the Conservative Party will be able to agree on what the climate for investment will look like.

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EDF's new boss has admitted "EDF itself is in a serious crisis, both technical and industrial, that is accentuating the strains on energy supply"
Can we really trust this company with a huge slice of the UK's electricity?
still waiting for a full Rishi Sunak explanation of why he's anti onshore wind farms during a global energy crisis caused by spiralling gas prices, would be fascinating to hear
"The cost of generating power from tidal streams has fallen by 40% since 2018" Offshore Marine Catapult "forecasts prices could fall below nuclear energy in little over a decade" (£78MWh by 2035 compared with £92.50MWh for #HinkleyPointC)
"The latest delay to Finland's #Olkiluoto 3 (OL3) [EPR] #nuclear reactor further increases uncertainty around the country's power supply this winter, especially in January, national grid operator Fingrid said on Tuesday."
when the government is spending tens of billions of pounds subsidising energy bills it was always peculiar that Liz Truss wouldn't authorise an energy-saving campaign
@BBCWorldatOne the @Conservatives seem very sympathetic to the sensibilities of their voters about onshore wind, but are all for hugely expensive nuclear power stations with massive footprint & legacy of radioactive waste! @StopSizewellC @SayNo2SizewellC #StopSizewellC