Sizewell C Planning Process – Actions and Deadlines

Key Dates/Actions

The Sizewell C application is published by the Planning Inspectorate here:

Until 30 September: Assessing EDF’s Sizewell C proposals. We will need to work together if we are to have a chance to read 53,000 pages, so we invite individuals to help us dissect, digest and share the contents of the Sizewell C application.  Contact if you want to join the team.

Saturday 5 September: Public Briefings. We are exploring whether some of these briefings can be given in a socially distanced way in Theberton Church, but we will offer them online too for those who do not wish to attend a distanced event and if government advice makes a public gathering impossible. Updates and timings here:

30 September: Deadline for registering as an interested party by preparing a short statement of Relevant Representation to submit online. This statement can be a fairly simple list of bullet points on your main issues. The examining authority will use these statements to decide what the examination will cover. Stop Sizewell C will include full guidance on how to do this in the coming weeks. 

2 October: Deadline for responding to the Environment Agency’s consultation on EDF’s application for 3 Operating permits for Sizewell C. We will provide brief guidance on how to participate in this consultation shortly. Details of EDF’s application here:

Late November tbc: the preliminary hearing that heralds the start of the examination should take place, somewhere local.

Late January to late May 2021 tbc: for these four months daily public examinations would take place somewhere local.

Late August 2021 tbc: The Planning Inspectorate must make a recommendation to the Business Secretary whether or not the project should receive planning consent.

Late November 2021 tbc: The Secretary of State should make a decision.

WATCH: Short video by PINS on the Planning Process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)

For more videos and a written description of the NSIP process see: