TEAGS AGM 20 April 2018

Annual General Meeting, 20 April 2018, Theberton & Eastbridge Village Hall, 7pm, Agenda and Minutes

Welcome and Apologies for Absence (received from John Rea Price, Rev Christine Redgrave, Michael Gower, Bill Turnbull and Tina Neal)

Part I – Official Business

1. Proposal for 2018/19 Steering Group members.

All 10 current Steering Group members put themselves forward to stand again; there were no further nominations from the floor.  Sue Ashton, Stephen Brett, Paul Collins, Martin Cooper, Roy Dowding, Alison Downes, Alan Hatt, Charles Macdowell, John Rea Price and Amy Whitelock were re-appointed.

2. Approval of Constitution.  Paul Collins outlined the key points including the Objects, membership of the Steering Group and noting that the bank mandate would include two signatories. There were no questions. Steve Brett proposed that the Constitution be adopted, seconded by Alan Hatt. No objections. See https://stopsizewellc.org/constitution

3. Approval of Annual Report and Financial Statement.

a) Annual Report: Alison Downes gave a brief overview of the Society’s activities and achievements during the last twelve months. See https://stopsizewellc.org/annual-reports/There were no questions from the floor. 

b) Financial Statement: Sue Ashton gave a short presentation of the Society’s financial position and financial controls. See link above. There were no questions from the floor. 

Roy Dowding proposed that the Annual Report and Financial Statement be approved, seconded by Stephen Brett. There were no objectionsSue Ashton signed the Financial Statement. 

Part II – Future Activities

4. Plans for 2018/19

Alison Downes and Paul Collins gave a short overview of future priorities, including 

  • advocacy with Ministers relating to EDF’s cost-cutting and pursuit of new funding models; 
  • preparations for Stage 3 consultations; 
  • engaging with National Policy Statement consultations; 
  • future meetings with EDF; 
  • building contacts with other New Nuclear communities; 
  • A grant for an awareness-raising project has been secured and is under discussion by the Steering Group.
  • A visit Hinkley Point and information-gathering about issues affecting communities there.

Councillor Richard Smith observed that SCC and SCDC are visiting Hinkley Point themselves next week, and that their engagement wth EDF has been pushed back to May/June.

Questions and suggestions from the floor related to following up with with EDF CEO Simone Rossi to visit the area. He has not replied to our letter, sent end of 2017.

Part III – Steering Group Meeting

5. Agenda

Appointment of Officers (Chair/Co Chairs, Secretary and Treasurer)

Matters Arising from our last meeting on 5th March 2018

Updates since the last meeting. Date of EDF meeting etc

Items for Decision.

Funds, Finances & Administrative matters


Any Other Business

6. Date of next meeting

9pm Close