DCO Update and Actions for Parishes and Towns

This page contains links and details of action steps for Parish and Town Councils. Last update 10 September 2020. 

Alison’s notes 25 August can be accessed here.

Key Dates/Actions – Sizewell C

30 September: Deadline for registering as an interested party. We encourage all parish and Town Councils to register as an interested party by preparing a short statement of Relevant Representation

Drafting Your Relevant Representations (RRs).

  • Guidance is for 500 words but we understand that Parishes should be able to go up to 1500 words without being asked to precis it:
  • Don’t worry about detail. Your RR can be a bullet list of issues. It should include everything you may want to raise in the examination. You don’t have to follow through with it all, but if you fail to include a topic you may lose the chance to scrutinise it.
  • We would welcome your including an endorsement of Stop Sizewell C’s RR.
  • Our draft (to be submitted with Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council) is here. You are welcome to use this as a template. Stop Sizewell C / Theberton & Eastbridge Parish Council draft Relevant Representation
  • SASES/Friston Parish Council‘s RR for SPR is also a useful guide.

To register, go to https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/projects/eastern/the-sizewell-c-project/?ipcsection=relreps and complete the form. You will have to copy and paste the text of your Relevant Representation into the form. It is also an option to register by email using sizewellc@planninginspectorate.gov.uk but we recommend using the form above as this will ensure you supply all the correct information.

Why Register?

  • Those who will examine EDF’s application need to know what the issues of concern are. The Examining Authority will use the information in all the Relevant Representations to define the issues considered in the examination. If no one mentions your Parish’s key issue, they won’t examine it – simple as that!
  • Registering as an interested party gives your Parish the option to attend and speak at the examination hearings. This opportunity will be lost unless you register. Don’t worry about this being a commitment you are not sure you can follow through – there is no obligation to participate in hearings and anyway, we are committed to helping all who do take part.
  • The number of representations received will send a strong signal that Sizewell C is of widespread concern, so please encourage residents to register separately (using their own words).
  • You can use your registration to send a message that Sizewell C is totally unsuitable for a digital examination process.

Next steps: 

  • Late November tbc: the preliminary hearing that heralds the start of the examination should take place, online or somewhere local.
  • Late December or January, deadline for Written Representations.
  • Late January to late May 2021 tbc: for these four months daily public examinations would take place online or somewhere local.
  • Late August 2021 tbc: The Planning Inspectorate must make a recommendation to the Business Secretary whether or not the project should receive planning consent.
  • Late November 2021 tbc: The Secretary of State should make a decision.

Key Dates – Scottish Power Renewables

Please visit https://sases.org.uk/ for more information. NB the SPR process is ahead of Sizewell C and the examination will soon be starting after 5 months’ delay

  • 9 September: Deadline for interested parties to say you want to participate in Open Floor hearings.
  • [16 September: Preliminary meetings, these are not so important]
  • 7 – 9 October: Open Floor Hearings (online)
  • 2 November: Deadline for submitting written representations.

WATCH: Short video by PINS on the Planning Process for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs)

For more videos and a written description of the NSIP process see: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/application-process/the-process/