UK eyes nuclear stake: Government could hasten approval of power station in Suffolk after Hitachi pulls out of Wales project

The Government could hasten approval of a nuclear power station at Sizewell in Suffolk after a project in Wales fell through.

It could even take a stake in the plant, according to reports.

This week, Japanese group Hitachi pulled out of plans to build a new nuclear power station at Wylfa on Anglesey, dealing another blow to the Government’s nuclear plans and ramping up pressure to accelerate approving Sizewell.

 The Government is under pressure to accelerate approve plans for a new nuclear power station at  Sizewell in Sufflock (pictured) after a project in Wales fell through

Of six sites earmarked for plants to replace the UK’s ageing nuclear fleet more than a decade ago only one, Hinkley Point C, in Somerset, is being built.

But Sizewell poses problems because China’s state-backed nuclear group, CGN, is a 20pc investor, alongside France’s EDF.

Since the Government excluded Huawei’s equipment from new 5G networks, relations with Beijing have deteriorated and will make it difficult for China to be involved in setting up a nuclear reactor in the UK.

The Government is looking at options to replace CGN, the BBC reported, and may take over the stake.

Alison Down(e)s of campaign group Stop Sizewell C said: ‘Sizewell would be a bad project whoever paid for it and wouldn’t help the Government meet its policy imperatives.

It wouldn’t contribute to net zero targets until 2040 and at £20billion would be more expensive, as well as slower than other technologies to address climate change.’

A Government spokesman said: ‘Nuclear energy has a key role to play in meeting our net zero commitments. We regularly engage with all developers on their projects and are considering a range of financing solutions.’