Stop Sizewell C fights back against EDF propaganda with new ad campaign

Press Release, 31 May 2021 

Stop Sizewell C fights back against EDF propaganda with new ad campaign – “it’s not too late to Stop Sizewell C”

[Suffolk] Stop Sizewell C has today (31 May) launched a new advertising campaign] with the core message that it is not too late to stop the giant nuclear power station, and highlighting the multiple reasons why it should be opposed. The campaign will include a touring digital “Advan” visiting tourism and leisure hotspots on the Suffolk coast between 10am and 6pm. [1. The striking and colourful ad creatives are the work of Antony Easton, an award-winning advertising creative whilst at Saatchi & Saatchi in the 90s, while the campaign video features the voices of residents and campaigners, including Bill Nighy, Diana Quick, Bill Turnbull and Charlie Haylock.[2]

The campaign, which is entirely funded by local people and Stop Sizewell C supporters, will simultaneously launch online on Stop Sizewell C’s social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube [3] – and website, In addition, new roadside boards are on display along the B1122 in Theberton and Middleton and a flag is flying from the tower of Theberton Church. Concertina leaflets will be delivered to 17,500 households this week and distributed via local hospitality outlets and rural businesses. Campaign posters are on display in Adnams pubs and beer mats are planned, and an advertisement has been placed in today’s East Anglian Daily Times.

Alison Downes of Stop Sizewell C said “This is a wake up call for everyone who believes EDF’s relentless propaganda and thinks Sizewell C is a done deal. It doesn’t have planning consent and there is no sign of guaranteed funding; indeed increasing numbers of UK asset managers don’t plan on investing. [4] While Sizewell B is forced to stay shut over recently discovered safety issues, [5] renewables are delivering faster and cheaper, proving there is a better alternative to Sizewell C, one that is more affordable, greener and better overall for this beautiful part of our country.” [6]

Suffolk historian, author and dialect specialist Charlie Haylock, who is with the roadshow this morning said “My late father grew up around Leiston and It breaks my heart to think of the damage that building Sizewell C’s two huge nuclear reactors would do to this most beautiful and wildlife-rich part of the country. The initials EDF should stand for Enormous Dangerous Folly, and if Sizewell C did go ahead ‘an Expensive Dangerous Fiasco’. I’ve thrown my full support behind the Stop Sizewell C campaign to help raise awareness of this threat, and show people it’s not too late to make a difference.” 

Dr Andy Wood, CEO of Adnams plc said: “We’re pleased to support this campaign as Adnams believes the impacts of Sizewell C would be considerable and we are keen to make sure they are understood by everyone who knows and loves this area.”

Thorpeness resident Antony Easton put together the strategy with Stop Sizewell C based around the concept that there are more reasons to oppose Sizewell C than to support it. “That’s why the multi-page mail drop concertina idea was created, it presents several reasonable arguments at once. It’s not a black and white issue but it doesn’t take much unpicking to see why, one, it should take place in such a vulnerable and infrastructurally weak area and two, that it should take place at all.”

“EDF’s behaviour suggests Sizewell C is a fait accomplis but the government has yet to sanction it and we feel that – as David to their Goliath – we need to be heard. I felt it was important to engage local opinion, to give people the courage and some arguments to be able to say ‘no’. We put the creatives together for nothing and the distribution is being funded by a growing number of concerned individuals. Volunteering to help was the least I could do.”

“The look of the ads was inspired by the 1970s ‘Nuclear Energy? No Thanks’ campaign. It stands out because the copy is confrontational and the colours are vivid and in your face.”

Stop Sizewell C is additionally grateful to Toby Andersen for audio and Steve Sutton for editing work on this campaign. 



  1. Provisional Schedule/Locations. Call 07711 843884 for our exact location.

Aldeburgh, 10.30 – 11.45am; Seafront, near the Moot Hall. 

Sizewell, 12 noon – 1pm; Beach car park. 

Thorpeness 1pm – 1.45; Call Alison 07711 843884 for exact location

Dunwich 2.45 – 3.30pm; Beach carpark

Walberswick 4 – 4.45pm; Beach carpark

Southwold 5 – 6pm. High street opposite the Post Office. 

In addition the Advan will drive up the A12 from Ipswich, through Snape, Leiston, Saxmundham, Kelsale, Yoxford, Theberton, Middleton, Westleton and Blythburgh.

  2. See @StopSizewellC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
  5. It has been calculated that 30GW of offshore wind could be delivered by 2030 at a cost of £50bn. This is the equivalent of nine Sizewell C’s for only two and half times the money.