If you would like to respond this consultation by 25 March, here are some suggestions:

Official Guidance on responding can be found here:

The documents for the stretch from Aldeburgh to Hopton on Sea can be found here We are interested in the sections from Aldeburgh to Sizewell and Sizewell to Dunwich. The form to be completed is the second from bottom “Form to make a representation about proposals” (We don’t recommend objecting, and anyway only landowners and occupiers may do so.) Or you can download the form as a pdf below.

Box 1. The reference for the section Aldeburgh to Sizewell is AHS1. The reference for the section Sizewell to Dunwich is AHS2. If your comments include both the windfarm projects and Sizewell C, use both references.

Box 2 – leave blank

Box 3. Tick Other (unless of course you are responding on behalf of one of the agencies listed)

Box 4 – leave blank

Box 5 is for your comments. We suggest something short along the lines of the text below, but we strongly encourage you personalise this, or change it to say whatever you want: “I support the idea of a coastal path around the UK, but am distressed at the environmental damage and disruption to the Suffolk Heritage coast and the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB that will be caused by the proposed construction of twin reactors at Sizewell. This project will completely block this section of coastline for at least a decade. I am astonished to note that the reports covering the area between Aldeburgh and Sizewell do not appear to make any mention of the numerous (potentially 8 or more) offshore wind projects that are proposed to come ashore around Thorpeness, an area noted for its erosion and fragile coralline crag. If these projects go ahead, the cabling for offshore wind stations and interconnectors will result in the coastline and AONB being dug up repeatedly, ruining the area and your schemes for a coastal path. This area has been designated the ‘Energy Coast’ without our consent.”

Box 6 – up to you if there is something you want to include

Box 7 – probably the answer is “no” unless you have already submitted something

Box 8 – likely “no”

Box 9 is for your personal information

Send the completed form to or to England Coast Path Team, Natural England, Suite D, Unex House, Bourges Boulevard, Peterborough PE1 1NG