Planet Radio – Campaign group project images on side of Government building

Campaign group project images on side of Government building

Stop Sizewell C, who are against the development of a nuclear plant in Suffolk, have projected two images on the side of a Government building.

Stop Sizewell CStop Sizewell C

The group projected their logo and a white elephant with the words ‘Sizewell C; too slow and expensive to help our climate emergency’ on to the side of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Stop Sizewell C say they did ahead of reported meetings between the Prime Minister, Chancellor and Business Secretary to discuss the UK’s civil nuclear programme.

They say it’s been reported that the Prime Minister’s ’10 point plan’ could be made public soon – possible this week.

The statement went on to say: “While government ministers adhere to the line that nuclear has a ‘key’ role in the UK’s future energy mix, it remains unclear whether this will take the form of funding for Small Modular Reactors, or financial support for large-scale projects such as Sizewell C – or both.”

Alison Downes from the campaign group said: “We wanted to send a strong message to Ministers that Sizewell C is a white elephant and it would be wholly inappropriate to give it a ‘green light’.

“Costing at least £20 billion, not operating until the 2030’s and unable to contribute to net zero unil 2040, Sizewell C has no place in the UK’s green recovery.”

Charles Macdowell said: “China’s involvment just adds to the controversy, and then there is the small matter of how Sizewell C would be paid for.

“EDF wants the British public to stump up through our taxes and through our energy bills, regardless of whether we have chosen renewable tariffs.

“This is not going to be popular.

“Financial support for Sizewell C would suck vital funds away from technologies and projects that are capable of truly transforming our energy landscape.”

Stop Sizewell CStop Sizewell C

Paul Collins added: “Sizewell C could not get planning consent until the beginning of 2022 at the earliest; indeed the process has just been extended by EDF engaging in a fifth consultation in nine years, to try to make the unacceptable, acceptable.

“Numerous obstacles remain, including the very serious concerns of DEFRA agencies such as Natural England, which says it would not be lawful to permit the project as proposals stand.

“The unsuitability and sensitivity of the site makes any argument in favour of construction, as a means of economic recovery, frankly insulting.

“Sizewell C is simply the wrong project in the wrong place.”

In response, a spokesperson for the Government said: “Nuclear energy has a key role to play in meeting our net zero commitments. We regularly engage with all developers on their projects and are considering a range of financing solutions.”