EADT 24 June Councils join opposition groups in raising concerns over Sizewell C


Opposition groups alongside Suffolk County and East Suffolk councils have raised concerns over Sizewell C after plans moved another step forward.

Alison Downes from Stop Sizewell C PICTURE: RACHEL EDGEAlison Downes from Stop Sizewell C PICTURE: RACHEL EDGE
Alison Downes, from Stop Sizewell C, said: “We maintain that Sizewell C does not fit the needs of the government or the country – building the wrong project in the wrong place is not the way to revive the UK’s economy.

“The benefits to Suffolk claimed by EDF are highly questionable and don’t consider the damage to our existing local economy including tourism, when that industry needs all the help it can get.”

Pete Wilkinson, chairman of Together Against Sizewell C, added: “We have to accept the reality that such a ridiculously inappropriate application has made it through the first hurdle, however improbable that is.

“If there is any sense of proportion and reason left in the UK or in this government, it will be laughed out of court.”

Richard Rout of Suffolk County Council has raised concerns over consultation from EDF  Picture: SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCILRichard Rout of Suffolk County Council has raised concerns over consultation from EDF Picture: SUFFOLK COUNTY COUNCIL

Raising concerns over the nearby Minsmere reserve, RSPB Suffolk area manager Adam Rowlands said the organisation has seen no evidence the development would not have a detrimental impact on wildlife at the reserve and beyond.

Suffolk County Council, working alongside East Suffolk Council, has raised “serious concerns” over EDF’s consultation so far, after being asked to provide views by the planning inspectorate.

Richard Rout, chairman of Sizewell C Joint Local Authorities Group (JLAG), said it is “now especially important” EDF gives local communities the opportunity to scrutinise plans.

Mr Rout said: “Whilst we accept that EDF Energy may have passed the legal requirement they needed to meet in regards to public consultation for their proposed development at Sizewell, we strongly believe that the consultations to date have been hindered by significant gaps of information in the documentation provided.

“We will make our feelings clear to EDF Energy in regards to public engagement arrangements for such a development and if EDF Energy do decide to press on and start the process, we will be asking them to commit to an extended 84 day period at the very least.”

The Liberal Democrat, Green and Independent Group at Suffolk County Council will be submitting a motion next week calling on the council to publicly oppose the plans.