ITV 24 June: Plans for a new nuclear power station on Suffolk coast move a step closer

The Planning Inspectorate has accepted EDF Energy’s application for a new nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast after eight years of public consultation.

The 14 billion pound proposal for Sizewell C has been formally submitted and will now go to further public examination.

But campaigners against the project are calling for a pause while lockdown continues. Stop Sizewell C says the development would cause harm to protected habitats and tourism.

“We maintain that Sizewell C does not fit the needs of the government or the country; building the wrong project in the wrong place is not the way to revive the UK’s economy.

The benefits to Suffolk claimed by EDF are highly questionable and don’t consider the damage to our existing local economy including tourism when that industry needs all the help it can get.


EDF says it will create jobs for decades to come and provide enough low carbon power for six million homes.

Sizewell C is a net-zero infrastructure project ready to kick-start the economy following the coronavirus crisis.

It will offer thousands of high-quality job opportunities and long-term employment for people living in Suffolk and it will strengthen the nuclear supply chain across the country.

The project will play a key role in lowering emissions while helping the UK keep control of its low carbon future.